A Balanced Glass - pouring wellness & community into beverage alcohol

Since writing the first article on "Challenges of working with wine" for a European wine magazine, the support, enquiry, tales and anecdotes have uncovered the fact that we need to discuss this as an industry. So many people shared the same story, the same outcome, the same fears or reluctance to speak up, and yet for many of us we face the same challenges.

So it's time for me to take a leap and really start something that I hope people can get behind and support. A forum without judgement, naysaying, criticism or elitism; moreover somewhere to share, support, encourage and help. If we are truly a community in wine, beer and spirits, to me it's not just by sharing memorable bottles, great travel stories and memories, but being there for another if they fall, when they need help or simply guiding words of encouragement and advice to keep going. Nothing is worth losing a job or a career over.

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