A chance Farmer's Market meeting

I have been developing a food project in my personal time for the last four years, looking at women and their relationship to food, from the farmers, to the cooks, those with abundance, deprivation, food security and cultural connection. On my last trip home to McLaren Vale earlier this year, I was headed to shoot video with my dear friend and renowned chef Karena Armstrong www.salopian.com.au at her home in McLaren Vale as my first subject. (more on that in a noter post) My morning was running early, so I stopped by the Willunga Farmers Market -my old Saturday ritual when I lived in the area. Superb coffee in hand, I ran into Sharon Lambert and her daughter Jay Kimber – founder and owner of www.thegardenfarmers.com.au . Also check her out on Instagram at @GrowtoHealth. @thegardenfarmers. 

Their premise is simple: "We are young farmers passionately growing fresh, clean and tasty produce for our local community.", so over sips of green juice samples, I learned more about Jay’s business plans, tales of her upcoming relocation to Hawaii. and relentless love of farming, health and wellness. On a whim Jay kindly obliged to have her photo taken and we managed a couple of fun shots.

I meet so many people in the food business, but Jay stands out as someone with an incredible intuitive sense for health, wellness and I look forward to watching her success continuing to grow, just like the produce she is connected to.