Rookie moves at bath time - don't drink & shoot!

This latest series came about as a result of two very close friends who were demolishing their bathroom in San Francisco and wanted a reminder of their beloved claw footed bath, and it had to be done soon as collective work and travel scheduled were about to become very hectic. So with a weekend date set, location (well room) scouted, lighting delivered, props, gear, backgrounds all ready to go, I arrived ready to set up. taking a few quick shots of the beloved bath. Alas the "ornate" claw looked more like a blob of steel with five layers too many of rental paint, rendering the claw more club foot. Furthermore,  my hunger pangs from a morning yoga had me yearning for a little sustenance, so we agreed to pop out for a quick bite before we started shooting (rookie move #1 don't leave the light!)

Tummies full, we returned to the bathroom two hours later faced with zero natural light.  Literally none. And my lighting equipment I had so diligently pre-delivered on a blustery winter's night was missing the light bulbs (rookie move #2) and could not be replaced by household grade fittings. 

Frustrated, but not one to be totally discouraged, I sent two friends off to the hardware store to see what they could scrounge in the way of directional lighting and they returned with a rather uninspiring strip light and two small clipable LEDs.  With light fading and the luncheon wine wearing off, (rookie move #3 don't drink before you shoot!) I managed to come away with some interesting and unexpected shots, and a delighted couple. The shots will adorn the freshly painted walls of the new bathroom and my friends couldn't be happier.  Thanks Mon & Michael for letting me play bath time!