"Genesis" - the work of Sebastiao Salgado

Having completed five caffeine fueled days in Manhattan with wine events, meetings, dinners and appointments, Saturday morning pre-flight brought me some breathing room to indulge my photographic obsession.  

I had passed the International Center of Photography numerous times over the week and I found myself an excited 8 year old handing over my pennies to visit the current exhibition "Genesis" - an exhibition of work by Brazilian social documentary photographer and photojournalist, Sebastiao Salgado.

An intense eye-opening and fascinating culmination of eight years of Mr Salgado's work, documenting the endangered tribes, people, botany and animals of the world. From Alaska, to Papua New Guinea, Uganda to Galapagos, each image was breathtaking in its light, subject, composition and sheer beauty. 


I was captivated by a short video interview with Mr Salgado where he enthused: 

"Photography by itself I don't believe can change anything. I believe you are a photographer as you are concerned with history, the facts, you are socially concerned.  Your tool of war is a camera. You are a photographer because you are socially engaged and you are concerned with the future."

"If I'm a photographer, it's not because I'm smart or it is necessary to document. I came to do these pictures because as I'm part of this movement. I believe that we are a kind of a mirror of our society. We are part of it and inside of a much larger movement than just photography"

"Instituto Terra" is another one of Mr Saldago's ventures - an ambitious project to revegetate and populate property in his native Brazil.  I ventured to the book store to purchase a set of his prints, and then across to the ICP school to enquire about studying through on-line; my quest ultimately to complete the one year Certificate in PhotoJournalism. Alas with my budget and work commitments it may be a few years yet. Still I can dream.





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